Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back! I'm back!

My family just returned to the USA after visiting me for the past month. It’s been an amazing month, but also exhausting. I’ve seen more of Buenos Aires during December than in the past year—La Boca, the Colón Theater, Palermo, the zoo, tango, Plaza Francia. Overall, it was one of the best months of my life. We ate a lot of empanadas and canelones, travelled to Uruguay, watched the fireworks on New Year’s and Christmas. I rescued a total of 11 cats with the help of my dad, fed ducks with my sister and was wowed by the Carlos Cruz-Diaz show at the MALBA with my mom. The heat and coordinating transportation were a bit stressful, but other than that, I really enjoyed having my family here. I’ll leave you all with photos while I think of a relevant post for this week:

Hanging out with my dad in the Spanish architecture section of the Rosedal.

A box of kittens we found while walking past the Botanic Garden. We gave them water, cleaned them up and then sent them to a transitory home.

Carlos Gardel's grave in the Chacarita Cemetery

Indoor tombs at Chacarita Cemetery. It sort of reminds me of a gigantic apartment complex.

Sister with free range animal at the zoo. You can actually feed them and they eat out of your hand.

Family in Punta del Este

Some weird "sea egg" I found in Punta del Este and then spent 20 min throwing rocks at it to try and burst it. No luck. I suck at throwing rocks.

My little sister hanging out with cats in the Botanic Garden.

The Costanera by Puerto Madero. Basically, the most awesome place ever.

Getting dead skin from feet removed by little fish. My sister and I decided to do this for bragging rights. Also, it'll be a great story to tell the grandkids.

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