Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comics suggestions?

As some of you might know, it was my birthday last week (thanks for all the birthday wishes, by the way) and I got a decent amount of cash from my parents. I have decided to spend all of this money on comics, but don't know what to buy.

Please send me your suggestions! What are the best Argentine comics that I just have to buy before I leave Argentina?


  1. you really should buy "correrias del señor rispo", by diego parés,
    and "LULE le LELE 10 años "
    may be isn't the kind of comics you're used to read, but these, by far, has been the best argentinian comics i've read

    sorry for the grammar mistkes
    best wishes


  2. Cosas conseguibles fácil...
    Evaristo (Solano y Sampayo)
    Billie Holiday (Muñoz y Sampayo)
    Carlos Gardel (Muñoz y Sampayo)
    El cuervo que sabía (Kraneo!)
    El señor y la señora Rispo (Pares)
    Batu 1, 2 y 3 (Tute)
    Peter Kampf lo sabía (Trillo y Mandrafina)
    ¿Dos estaciones lo tenés? :)

    Feliz cumpleaños!

  3. Adhiero a las anteriores, y sumo:

    El hipnotizador (De Santis-Sáenz Valiente)
    El último recreo (Trillo-Altuna)
    Moriremos como ratas (Podeti)
    El peregrino de las estrellas (Trillo-E.Breccia)
    Dioses y monstruos (Mazzitelli-Alcatena)
    Rescate (Solano López)
    Gilgamesh (Lucho Olivera)
    Aguila negra (Ray Collins-Solano)

  4. Hello Claire,

    I had my new cartoon collection translated into Spanish and put it online, for free here:

    So you can spend your money on something else…

    I hope you enjoy it!

    All the best,

  5. Mort Cinder, de Oesterheld y Breccia.

  6. If you want a very good argentine comics guide, I recommend you the book "La Historieta argentina, una historia" (Ediciones De la Flor, 2000), which covers the entire twentieth century. It is a book of around 600-page, large-format, which analyzes a lengthy list of comics.