Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paper, paper, paper

I just returned from a ten-day journey covering Córdoba and Paraná that was a mix of pleasure, investigation, and religious duty. Now I’m back and resting in Buenos Aires, writing a ten-page paper for Laura Vazquez’s class. Remember the seminar I took last semester? Well, in Argentina papers have a series of final dates during which you can submit them for grading and I’m turning mine in next week. My paper is generally about how the economic stability of the past few years has allowed people to have careers making comics, followed by a discussion of the characteristics of those careers. I’m a little bit nervous because my paper is based on part of the research I’ve been doing for my Fulbright. So basically I’m committing seppuku if it sucks. Wish me luck! (With the paper, that is, not the seppuku.)

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