Thursday, March 10, 2011

¡Que casualidad!

So, as I mentioned a post or two ago, I bought about a gajillion comics including El Asco by Diego Agrimbau. I really enjoyed the comic, so I looked Agrimbau up online and as it turns out, he teaches classes about comic writing. I sent him a message inquiring about the course and he wrote me back.

Today I met up with Laura Vazquez, my research mentor/leader/professor, to talk about her work, my project, and our expectations. (The meeting went really well and she is really interesting, but I will write more about our meeting later, this is just a short post.) We were talking about classes I asked Laura, "I was thinking about taking a class with Diego Agrimbau. Do you know anything about him?"

She smiled at me and said "Um, he's my husband."


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