Monday, January 10, 2011

Vacationing in Western Mass

My trip to Argentina is approaching all to quickly. There are about a million things I need to worry about and resolve before I go. I should be working on lists, stocking up on products I can't find in Argentina (maple syrup, Tupperware, etc.), and reading everything I can possibly find about comics.

But...I'm on vacation in Western Massachusetts visiting friends and former professors.

The vacation will not be comics-less, however. I plan to visit the comic store Modern Myths, check out comics from Forbes Library, and look in my former college's archive. I want to research ghost stories for a comic I might possibly want to create in the future. While biking in the summer and fall, I would always create intricate stories for comics. My favorite plot involved a student encountering ghosts at my college. I had heard rumors of ghosts (a man burned to death in an attic) and had read about a few violent stories (in 1909, a man shot his fiancee and then himself in front of the Campus Center), but nothing concrete that I could turn into a comic. I'll let you know what I find and how my research progresses.

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  1. We should make comics the next time we are both in Chicago!