Thursday, December 9, 2010

Macanudo: An Argentine Love Story

The front cover of Macanudo issue #1

I was fresh off the plane, only three days in Buenos Aires when I first read Macanudo by Liniers. I decided to study abroad in Argentina for three reasons:

1. It is a Spanish-speaking country

2. My Spanish teacher in college was from Argentina, and we read a lot about it

3. The cartoonist Quino.

I decided to spend 11 months in a country partially based off comics, so it makes sense that one of the first things I would do is try to find something to read. Macanudo was recommended to me by one of the young, hip language tutors when I told him about my love of comics. When I first started reading it, I understood some of the jokes. They were filled with slang and referenced aspects of Argentine culture I hadn’t encountered. I began to truly appreciate Macanudo after I had lived in Buenos Aires for a few months and acquired an Argentine boyfriend (a great cultural reference).

So I’ll write more about this story in a bit because I am falling asleep. I’m feeling under the weather and took a Tylenol PM about 20 minutes ago, which is extremely poor planning because right after I decided I wanted to write a blog post.

Suggestion of the moment: read Ivan Brunetti’s Misery Loves Comedy. It is simultaneously disgusting and hilarious. I laughed, felt nauseous and physically dirty, and laughed again. I wish I could describe some of the things I read in this post, but merely writing about some of the things he draws would get this blog a “NC17” rating.

My absolute favorite comic was “HRRLFK! 1,784 Things That Make Me Vomit” where Brunetti describes things from “Soporific, bland, lifeless, sub-moronic, sickeningly cute, unfunny ‘comic’ strips” to “Every single human being who has ever lived, is currently living, and/or will someday be born.” He states, oddly enough, that “Graphic cartoon depictions of vomiting” also makes him sick. Brunetti’s comics make him out to be a self-loathing, sexually perverse jerk, but he lives in Chicago (with three cats!) so I hope I get to meet him.

A relatively tame panel from Brunetti's "Everything Sucks" in Misery Loves Comedy

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