Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cats, farts and my first comic

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went to the "Homenaje a la Historieta Argentina en la Legislatura" with my boyfriend Santiago Slaby. Now, Santiago is very opinionated and likes to criticize some of the characters populating the comics world. Knowing that the random bunch of invitees would spur this unending commentary, I gave him a task: draw the presenters (seen in the last post). When he finished, I asked him to draw something we had joked about for quite some time-- a cat that is so fat it can't walk, and moves by farting. Santiago started drawing it, and after the first page I began giving him explicit direction, like "Have the cat make a face like this *scrunches up face, as though farting*" or "Have the cat shoot across the floor like a rocket when it finally farts." Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this ridiculous comic.

My original conception. Obviously I cannot draw.

And now the story....

Oh, the text is also by Santiago. We debated for like, half an hour, whether "one last effort" is actually a phrase or not. But then, cats don't speak perfect English, so it works.

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