Monday, April 11, 2011

Encuentro Nacional del Humor y la Historieta

I came across an announcement about the “Encuentro Nacional del Humor y la Historieta” (EHH) in some small corner of the online comics universe. Although it was the fourth EHH, there was no information on the Internet about the first three. In Lobos, I learned that the conference was revived after thirty years of indefinite suspension. The transformation that occurred in the gap years was featured in the wide range of guests— Horacio Altuna, Lucas Varela, Diego Agrimbau, Noe, Gustavo Sala, and many more. Some of the guests had attended the first conferences, while others had been children at the time. This combination of past and present was fascinating. What better place to learn about the trajectory of Argentine comics than a meeting of creators from different eras?

The conference consisted of a small exhibition in the Sociedad Española and a few round table discussions at the Club Social Lobense. I wish I could provide a broad summary of the events, but I am just to focus on a few small aspects that I found interesting. In the next few blog posts, I will write about the audience for the conference, who I met, and the talks. So stay tuned, dear readers.

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  1. Al final era así, los primeros encuentros fueron ´78, ´79 y ´80... que deprimente.