Saturday, November 20, 2010

Awesome Webcomic Suggestion

I am unfortunately sick with the flu...headache, nausea, etc. So sick, in fact, I almost updated an older blog instead of this one. Instead of a post on Owly, a comic book about a flightless, vegetarian, non-nocturnal owl, I am going to post a webcomic suggestion: Bodyworld by Dash Shaw. I initially came across Shaw's work through an interview in The Comics Journal. I usually read all the articles in TCJ in order, but I skipped ahead to Shaw's interview because his picture revealed that he was young and extremely attractive. I found the online archives of Bodyworld because (I am not ashamed to say) I was looking for more pictures. Anyway, I found the webcomic and it blew my mind and now you should read it. On principle, I usually dislike webcomics because I read really quickly and hate waiting for the next page to load. Bodyworld does away with this by allowing the reader to scroll down and read the comic in large chunks. In some ways, the online format seems almost better than print. Chapter 11 features three parallel and vertical stories and the effect felt while scrolling down could not be experienced in book format.

Read it. Enjoy. I'll update again when I'm feeling better.

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